Density 4M
Org 256Kx16
Vcc 5V
Status Prod
Pkg Pins SOJ(44), TSOP2(44)
Speed Ns 25


The ISSI IS61C25616AL/AS and IS64C25616AL/AS are high-speed, 4,194,304-bit static RAMs organized as 262,144 words by 16 bits. They are fabricated using ISSI's high- performance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields access times as fast as 12 ns with low power consumption.


Related Part Number(s)

Description Stock Qty Available Qty Description Stock Qty Available Qty
IS61C25616AS-25TLI-TR 100,000 IS61C25616AS-25KLI 11,350
IS61C25616AS IS61C25616AS-25KLI-TR
IS61C25616AS-25KI 11,350 IS61C25616AS-25TI
IS61C25616AS-25KI-TR IS61C25616AS-25TI-TR