Density 256K
Org 32Kx8
Vcc 5V
Status Prod
Pkg Pins SOJ(28), TSOP1(28)
Speed Ns 10, 12

IS61C256AL Features

  • High-speed access time: 10, 12 ns
  • CMOS Low Power Operation — 1 mW (typical) CMOS standby — 125 mW (typical) operating
  • Fully static operation: no clock or refresh required
  • TTL compatible inputs and outputs
  • Single 5V power supply


The ISSI IS61C256AL is a very high-speed, low power, 32,768 word by 8-bit static RAMs. It is fabricated using ISSI's high-performance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields access times as fast as 10 ns maximum.


Related Part Number(s)

Description Stock Qty Available Qty Description Stock Qty Available Qty
IS61C256AL-10JL 3,255 IS61C256AL-12JLI-TR 1,500
IS61C256AL-10JL-TR IS61C256AL-12T 4,856
IS61C256AL-10T 1,000 IS61C256AL-12T-TR
IS61C256AL-10T-TR IS61C256AL-12TI 6,362
IS61C256AL-10TL 135 IS61C256AL-12TI-TR
IS61C256AL-10TL-TR IS61C256AL-12TL 4,856
IS61C256AL-12JL 4,000 IS61C256AL-12TL-TR
IS61C256AL-12JL-TR IS61C256AL-12TLI 3,600
IS61C256AL-12JLI 10 43 IS61C256AL-12TLI-TR 2,000