Vin(V) 2.2-5.5
Solder SnPb
Status Prod
Outpack Tape on Reel
Pkg Pin(mm) TSSOP-24
Temp.Range Commercial Grade (0C to +70°C)
No. Channels 19 Cap Touch input through shared GPIO
Type 5110
Sensor Type Capacitive Touch
Product Type SE = Sensor
Product Family 31 = Commercial/Industrial Analog
Part Number 5110 = 5110
Package option blank = Tray or Tube

IS31SE5110-ZNLS2-TR Features

  • White goods
  • Home appliance Clock Sources
  • Digital Peripherals
  • Internal oscillator at 16MHz of +/- 2% accuracy Internal low power 32kHz oscillator 16-bit PCA and 6 channel of CCP modules
  • - Capture/Compare/Timer Mode - 8/16-bit PWM Mode and 8-bit WPWM Mode Two 8-bit PWM Controller Preliminary Information July 2017 FEATURES CPU and Memory
  • Programmable 30-bit Watch Dog Timer
  • 1-Cycle 8051 CPU core up to 16MHz 16-bit Timers T0/T1/T2/T3/T4 and 24-bit T5 Integrated break point controller and debug port through I2C slave
  • External interrupts and wake up shared with GPIO pins
  • Power saving modes: Normal, PMM, IDLE, STOP, and SLEEP modes
  • Wake-up noise filter is up to 4ms
  • 256B IRAM and 768B XRAM 32kB Flash Memory and 128B information block
  • - Code security and data loss protection - Endurance: 100K cycles and retention: 10 years @85°C
  • One buzzer waveform generator
  • One I2C Master
  • One I2C pure Slave
  • - Support two consecutive addresses
  • One SPI Master/slave controllers
  • - 4 bytes transmit and receive FIFO
  • One 8051 UART
  • One full-duplex LIN-capable EUART2
  • - 16-bit baud rate register - 16 bytes transmit and receive FIFO Analog Peripherals
  • 12-bit monotonic SAR ADC
  • - 500kHz, 128μs conversion time (1.8V~2.4V) - 4MHz, 16μs conversion time (2.5V~5.5V) - Programmable gain amplifier - Up to 16 inputs shared with GPIO - On-chip 1.1V reference - On-chip temperature sensor 10-bit voltage output DAC 4-channel analog comparator
  • Capacitance sense touch-key controller scan up to 19 keys through shared GPIO


IS31SE5110 is a general-purpose micro-controller with 32K embedded flash memory and 1K SRAM. The CPU is based on 1-T 8051 with T0/T1/T2 and additional 16-bit T3/T4, 24-bit T5 and a 30-bit WDT. Embedded in the CPU core are also a full-duplex UART port, an enhanced EUART port with LIN capability, one I2C master/slave and two I2C pure slave controllers, one SPI mater/slave controller, up to 20 GPIO pins with each GPIO pin configurable as external interrupt and wake up. The flexibility in clock setting includes an on-chip 16MHz precision oscillator with the accuracy deviation of +/-2%, or a low power internal 32kHz oscillator. The clock selections are combined with flexible power management schemes, including NORMAL, PMM, IDLE, and STOP, and SLEEP modes to balance CPU speed and power consumption. A Programmable Counter Array (PCA) with 6 channels of Capture/Compare/PWM modules can be used for various purposes controlling external devices. There are additional 2 independent 8-bit PWM and a buzzer waveform generator with frequency range of 128Hz to 2048Hz and programmable duty cycle. Other digital peripherals include a EUART2 with 16- byte FIFO, which support full LIN protocols, and an I2C slave controller, and a SPI Master/Slave controller with 4-byte FIFO. Analog peripherals include a high performance 12- bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) with 30µs conversion time and a Programmable Gain Amplifier as ADC front-end. There are an on-chip temperature sensor, and a calibrated voltage reference within the ADC block. A 10-bit voltage output Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) is also included. IS31SE5110 also provides a flexible means of flash programming that supports ISP and IAP. The protection of data loss is implemented in hardware by access restriction of critical storage segments. The code security is reinforced with sophisticated writer commands and ISP commands. The on-chip break point processor also allows easy debugging which can be integrated with ISP. Reliable power- on-reset circuit and low supply voltage detection allows reliable operations under harsh environments. APPLICATIONS , White goods , Home appliance.