電流 - 輸出/通道 1.2A±3%
狀態 Prod
Vdd(V) 6-40
腳位數 SOP89-5
文件 MR16_EB, AIC_EB, SG_EB, 3CH_EB,
驅動類型 DC/DC, Step-down
效率(%) 98
功率晶體管 Built-in
IC代碼 3360 = 3360
產品系列 31 = Commercial/Industrial Analog
產品類別 LT = Lighting LED Driver
腳位/封裝 SD = SOT89
焊料類型 L = Lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
Temperature Grade S3 = Industrial temp. (-40°C to 105°C)
包裝選項 TR = Tape & Reel
外包裝 Tape on Reel

IS31LT3360-SDLS3-TR 特徵

  • Up to 1.2A output current
  • High efficiency (up to 98%)
  • Wide input voltage range: 6V ~ 40V
  • Simple low parts count
  • Typical 3% output current accuracy (-40°C to Internal 40V power switch +105°C, IS31LT3360-SDLS3-TR)
  • Typical 5% output current accuracy (-40°C to +125°C, IS31LT3360-SDLS4-TR)
  • Single pin on/off and brightness control using DC voltage or PWM
  • Up to 1MHz switching frequency
  • Inherent LED open-circuit/short-circuit protection
  • Thermal shutdown protection circuitry
  • Up to 1200: 1 dimming ratio
  • Automotive and avionic lighting
  • LED MR16, MR11 spot light
  • LED street light
  • PAR light
  • Refrigeration lights


The IS31LT3360 is a continuous mode inductive step-down converter, designed for driving a single LED or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage. The chip operates from an input supply between 6V and 40V and provides an externally adjustable output current of up to 1.2A. The IS31LT3360 includes an integrated output switch and a high-side output current sensing circuit, which uses an external resistor to set the nominal average output current. Output current can be adjusted linearly by applying an external control signal to the ADJ pin. The ADJ pin will accept either a DC voltage or a PWM waveform. This will provide either a continuous or a gated output current. Applying a voltage less than 0.2V to the ADJ pin turns the output off and switches the chip into a low current standby state. The chip is assembled in SOT89-5 package. It operates from 6V to 40V over two temperature ranges of -40°C to +105°C and -40°C to +125°C.