電流 - 輸出/通道 ±3%
狀態 Prod
Vdd(V) 10-450DC, 85-265AC
腳位數 SOP-8
驅動類型 DC/DC, AC/DC Buck
效率(%) 95
功率晶體管 External
IC代碼 3938 = 3938
產品系列 31 = Commercial/Industrial Analog
產品類別 LT = Lighting LED Driver
腳位/封裝 GR = SOP
焊料類型 L = Lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
Temperature Grade S2 = Industrial temp. (-40°C to 85°C)
包裝選項 TR = Tape & Reel
外包裝 Tape on Reel

IS31LT3938-GRLS2-TR 特徵

  • User configurable power sequencing levels
  • 3% output current accuracy
  • High efficiency (typical up to 95%)
  • Higher MOS drive capability
  • Wide input voltage range: 10VDC~450VDC or 85VAC~ 265VAC
  • Linear and PWM dimming
  • Very few external components
  • DC/DC or AC/DC constant current LED driver
  • Signal and decorative lighting


IS31LT3938 LED driver IC is a peak current detection buck converter which operates in constant off time mode. It operates over a very wide input voltage supply range of 10VDC to 450VDC or 110VAC/220VAC. IS31LT3938 incorporates the special feature of three power sequencing levels by detecting OFF-ON cycles of the main power switch. When the switch is cycled within a 4 second period (typical) the device automatically switches the power level to the next step. As a result, the input and output power of the luminaire may be adjusted depending on the desired amount of illumination and/or power consumption. There are multiple power levels that the engineer may configure, 2 steps or 3 steps, via the external pins DIM1 and DIM2. IS31LT3938 can also realize LED dimming using an external PWM signal. It can accept a PWM signal from 0% to 100% duty cycle. The LED current may also be adjusted linearly by applying an analog input voltage in the range of 0.5V to 2.5V. IS31LT3938 adopts a peak current mode control architecture, which eliminates the need for any additional loop compensation while maintaining a good degree of constant output current regulation.