容量 4M
規格 512Kx8
電壓 5V
狀態 Prod
腳位數 SOP(36), sTSOP1(32), TSOP2(32)
速度Ns 25

IS61C5128AS-25TLI 特徵

  • High-speed access time: 10ns, 12 ns
  • Low Active Power: 150 mW (typical)
  • Low Standby Power: 10 mW (typical) CMOS standby LOW POWER: (IS61/64C5128AS)
  • High-speed access time: 25ns
  • Low Active Power: 75 mW (typical)
  • Low Standby Power: 1 mW (typical) CMOS standby
  • TTL compatible interface levels
  • Single 5V ± 10% power supply
  • Fully static operation: no clock or refresh required
  • Available in 36-pin SOJ (400-mil), 32-pin sTSOP-I, 32-pin SOP, 44-pin TSOP-II and 32-pin TSOP-II packages
  • Commercial, Industrial and Automotive tempera- ture ranges available


The ISSI IS61C5128AL/AS and IS64C5128AL/AS are high- speed, 4,194,304-bit static RAMs organized as 524,288 words by 8 bits. They are fabricated using ISSI's high- performance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields access times as fast as 12 ns with low power consumption.



IS61C5128AS-25TLI-TR IS61C5128AS-25HLI-TR IS61C5128AS-25QLI-TR
IS61C5128AS-25HLI IS61C5128AS-25QLI