容量 8M
規格 256Kx32
電壓 1.65-3.6V
狀態 Prod
腳位數 BGA(90)
速度Ns 8, 10, 20

IS61WV25632BLS 特徵

  • High-speed access times: 8, 10, 20 ns
  • High-performance, low-power CMOS process
  • Multiple center power and ground pins for greater noise immunity
  • Easy memory expansion with CE and OE op- tions
  • CE power-down
  • Fully static operation: no clock or refresh required
  • TTL compatible inputs and outputs
  • Single power supply V dd 1.65V to 2.2V (IS61WV25632Axx) speed = 20ns for Vdd 1.65V to 2.2V V dd 2.4V to 3.6V (IS61/64WV25632Bxx) speed = 10ns for Vdd 2.4V to 3.6V speed = 8ns for Vdd 3.3V + 5%
  • Packages available:
    • 90-ball miniBGA (8mm x 13mm)
  • Industrial and Automotive Temperature Support


The ISSI IS61WV25632Axx/Bxx and IS64WV25632Bxx are high-speed, 8M-bit static RAMs organized as 256K words by 32 bits. It is fabricated using ISSI's high-per- formance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields high-performance and low power consumption devices.



IS61WV25632BLS-TR IS61WV25632ALL-20BI-TR IS61WV25632BLL-10BI90--TR IS61WV25632BLL-10BLI90--TR
IS61WV25632ALL-20BI IS61WV25632BLL-10BI90- IS61WV25632BLL-10BLI90-