容量 16M
規格 1Mx16
電壓 1.65-3.6V
狀態 Prod
腳位數 BGA(48)
速度Ns 45, 55
評論上一篇 Icc = 12mA (Max), Isb2 = 30uA (Typ)
電壓範圍 ALL = 1.65V to 2.2V
温度等级 I = Industrial Grade (-40C to +85°C)
No Words 1024K = 1024K
焊料類型 blank = SnPb
速度 55NS = 55NS
Bit Org 16 = 16
Operating Voltage WV = Wide Voltage Range
產品系列 62 = Low Power
包裝代碼 B = BGA

IS62WV102416EALL-55BI 特徵

  • High-speed access time: 45ns, 55ns
  • CMOS low power operation
    • Operating (typical): - 10.8mW (1.8V), 18mW (3.0V)
    • CMOS Standby (typical): - 48 µW (1.8V), 90 µW (3.0V)
  • TTL compatible interface levels
  • Single power supply
    • 1.65V—1.98V Vdd (62/65WV102416EALL)
    • 2.2V--3.6V Vdd (62/65WV102416EBLL)
  • Data control for upper and lower bytes


The IS65WV102416EALL/BLL are Low Power, 16M bit static RAMs organized as 1024K words by 16bits. It is fabricated using technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields high- performance and low power consumption devices. When (deselected) or when.



IS62WV102416EALL-55BI-TR IS62WV102416EBLL-45BLI IS65WV102416EALL-55BA3-TR IS65WV102416EBLL-55BLA3
IS62WV102416EALL-55BLI IS62WV102416EBLL-45BLI-TR IS65WV102416EALL-55BLA3 IS65WV102416EBLL-55BLA3-TR
IS62WV102416EALL-55BLI-TR IS62WV102416EBLL-55BLI IS65WV102416EALL-55BLA3-TR
IS62WV102416EBLL-45BI IS62WV102416EBLL-55BLI-TR IS65WV102416EBLL-55BA3
IS62WV102416EBLL-45BI-TR IS65WV102416EALL-55BA3 IS65WV102416EBLL-55BA3-TR