容量 16M
規格 1Mx16
類型 EDO
電壓 5V
刷新 1K
速度 50
腳位/封裝 T = TSOP
狀態 Prod
產品系列 41 = 異步
總線寬度 16 = x16
字數 100 = 1M
代/版本 C
焊接 [空白] = SnPb
温規 I = 工業級 (-40C to +85°C)
外包裝 卷轴包

IS41C16100C-50TI-TR 特徵

  • TTL compatible inputs and outputs; tristate I/O
  • Refresh Interval: —  Auto refresh Mode: 1,024 cycles /16 ms —  RAS-Only, CAS-before-RAS (CBR), and Hidden — Self refresh Mode: 1,024 cycles /128 ms
  • JEDEC standard pinout
  • Single power supply: 5V ± 10% (IS41C16100C) 3.3V ± 10% (IS41LV16100C)
  • Byte Write and Byte Read operation via two CAS


The ISSI IS41C16100C and IS41LV16100C are 1,048,576 x 16-bit high-performance CMOS Dynamic Random Ac- cess Memories. These devices offer a cycle access called Extended Data Out (EDO) Page Mode. EDO Page Mode allows 1,024 random accesses within a single row with access cycle time as short as 30 ns per 16-bit word. It is asynchronous, as it does not require a clock signal input to synchronize commands and I/O.