速度 155Mbps-1.25Gbps
狀態 Prod
功能 LD, Driver ( 2 in 1)
文件 App Note


CS6718 integrated two main functions in a single chip providing optimal solutions for various fiber module applications. The functional blocks include a 1.25G post- amplifier, a continuous mode LD driver. The post-amplifier receives AC coupled differential signal from pre-amplifier and performs the quantization amplifications. There are total four amplification stages excluding the output stage. The offset cancellation is built-in on chip. The output of the post-amplifier is configured as PECL. The LOS power threshold level is configurable by SD_SET voltage. The LD driver performs the transmit function that receives the PECL differential signal TXINP/TXINN and convert to drive LD output driver. The LD driver is also controlled by TX_DIS signal. The laser driver includes differential modulation outputs and DC bias control output. The setting of output power level is controlled through automatic power control loop and is configurable by RMPD. The setting of output power modulation level is configurable by MOD_SET voltage. The output can be connected to Laser diode either by AC or DC coupled. CS6718 integrates essential building blocks for Fiber module design. Using CS6718, the module can achieve low cost and high performance fiber module and can be applied in FTTH, BPON, and GEPON. APPLICATIONS  SONET/SDH, FTTH, GEPON.



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