生產年份 數量
容量 2M
電壓 2.3-3.6V
類型 Multi I/O Quad SPI
狀態 Prod
频率 33M/104Mhz
溫度範圍 -40 to 125°C
替代版本文件 IS25LD020
特殊選擇 J = Standard
工作電壓範圍 L = 2.3-3.6V
容量 020 = 2M
Rev Control B = B
產品系列 Q = Single/Dual/Quad SPI
腳位/封裝 K = 8 pin WSON (6x5 mm)
無鉛封裝 L = Lead-Free (Pb Free) and Halogen Free
Temperature Grade E = Extended grade (-40ºC to +105ºC)
生產年份 數量

IS25LQ020B-JKLE 特徵

  • Industry Standard Serial Interface
  • Low Power with Wide Temp. Ranges
  • - IS25LQ040B: 4Mbit/512Kbyte - IS25LQ020B: 2Mbit/256Kbyte - IS25LQ010B: 1Mbit/128Kbyte - IS25LQ512B: 512Kbit/64Kbyte - IS25LQ025B: 256Kbit/32Kbyte - 256-bytes per Programmable Page Standard - Standard SPI/Dual/Quad Multi-I/O SPI - Supports Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP)
  • High Performance Serial Flash (SPI)
  • - 104 MHz SPI/Dual/Quad Multi-I/O SPI - 416 MHz equivalent Quad SPI - 52MB/S Continuous Data Throughput - Supports SPI Modes 0 and 3 - More than 100,000 erase/program cycles - More than 20-year data retention
  • Efficient Read and Program modes
  • - Low Instruction Overhead Operations - Continuous data read with Byte Wrap around - Allows XIP operations (execute in place) - Outperforms X16 Parallel Flash
  • Flexible & Cost Efficient Memory Architecture
  • - Uniform 4 Kbyte Sectors or 32/64 Kbyte Blocks - Flexible 4, 32, 64 Kbyte, or Chip Erase - Standard Page Program 1 to 256 bytes - Program/Erase Suspend and Resume - Single 2.3V to 3.6V Voltage Supply - 10 mA Active Read Current - 8 µA Standby Current - Deep Power Down - Temp Grades: Extended: -40°C to +105°C Auto Grade (A3): -40°C to +125°C
  • Advanced Security Protection
  • - Software and Hardware Write Protection - 4x256-Byte dedicated security area with user-lockable bits, (OTP) One Time Programmable Memory - 128 bit Unique ID for each device (Call Factory)


The IS25LQ040B/020B/010B/512B/025B (4M/2M/1M/512K/256Kbit) Serial Flash memory offers a storage solution with flexibility and performance in a simplified pin count package. ISSI’s “Industry Standard Serial Interface” is for systems that have limited space, pins, and power. The device is accessed through a 4-wire SPI Interface consisting of a Serial Data Input (SI), Serial Data Output (SO), Serial Clock (SCK), and Chip Enable (CE#) pins, which also serve as multi- function I/O pins in Dual and Quad modes (see pin descriptions). The IS25xQ series of Flash is ideal for code shadowing to RAM, execute in place (XIP) operations, and storing non-volatile data.



IC 編號 庫存數量 可用數量 IC 編號 庫存數量 可用數量
IS25LQ020B IS25LQ020B-JNLE 10,000
IS25LQ020B-JBLA3 10,000 IS25LQ020B-JNLE-TR 6,000
IS25LQ020B-JBLA3-TR IS25LQ020B-JULA3 10,000
IS25LQ020B-JBLE 10,000 IS25LQ020B-JULA3-TR
IS25LQ020B-JBLE-TR IS25LQ020B-JULE 10,000
IS25LQ020B-JDLE 10,000 IS25LQ020B-JULE-TR
IS25LQ020B-JDLE-TR 3,398 IS25LQ020B-JVLA3 10,000
IS25LQ020B-JKLA3 10,000 IS25LQ020B-JVLA3-TR
IS25LQ020B-JKLA3-TR IS25LQ020B-JVLE 10,000
IS25LQ020B-JNLA3 10,000 IS25LQ020B-JVLE-TR