狀態 Prod
Vdd(V) 2.7-5.5
通道數 Matrix - 144
文件 Eval Board, Code, USBTOOL, Video, App Note
RGB Group 32
腳位尺寸(mm) QFN-28(4x4), SSOP-28
控制接口 I2C - 400kHz
特殊功能 8.3kHz PWM, crossplex scanning architecture, dual blocks of 72 LEDs each with 1/9 scan cycle rate, 8 frames of memory, 8-bit PWM and global current, auto breath features, Audio Sync, Auto. Dimming
IC代碼 3731 = 3731
產品系列 31 = Commercial/Industrial Analog
產品類別 FL = FxLED Driver
腳位/封裝 SA = SSOP
焊料類型 L = Lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
Temperature Grade S2 = Industrial temp. (-40°C to 85°C)
包裝選項 blank = Tray or Tube

IS31FL3731-SALS2 特徵

  • Supply voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V 400kHz I2C-compatible interface 144 LEDs in dot matrix Individual blink control 8 frames memory for animations Picture mode and animation mode Auto intensity breathing during the switching of different frames LED frames displayed can be modulated with audio signal intensity LED light intensity can be modulated with audio signal intensity
  • QFN-28 (4mm × 4mm) and SSOP-28 package


The IS31FL3731 is a compact LED driver for 144 single LEDs. The device can be programmed via an I2C compatible interface. The IS31FL3731 offers two blocks each driving 72 LEDs with 1/9 cycle rate. The required lines to drive all 144 LEDs are reduced to 18 by using the cross-plexing feature optimizing space on the PCB. Additionally each of the 144 LEDs can be dimmed individually with 8-bit allowing 256 steps of linear dimming. To reduce CPU usage up to 8 frames can be stored with individual time delays between frames to play small animations automatically. LED frames can be modulated with audio signal. IS31FL3731 is available in QFN-28 (4mm × 4mm) and SSOP-28 package. It operates from 2.7V to 5.5V over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.