電流 - 輸出/通道 350mA
狀態 Prod
Vdd(V) 6.0-53
腳位數 eTSSOP-16
文件 WithBJT_EB, WithoutBJT_EB
驅動類型 Linear
效率(%) -
功率晶體管 Built-in
IC代碼 3117 = 3117
產品系列 31 = Commercial/Industrial Analog
產品類別 LT = Lighting LED Driver
焊料類型 blank = Sn/Pb
包裝選項 blank = Tray or Tube

IS31LT3117W 特徵

  • 6V to 53V input supply voltage range
  • Up to 1.4A total output current
  • Over temperature protections
  • Thermal current regulation above 130°C
  • PWM dimming and shutdown control input
  • Optional 2.5V output to drive external standoff BJTs
  • Very few external components
  • Industrial LED lighting
  • Low EMI lighting applications


The IS31LT3117 is a 4-channel, linear regulated, constant current LED driver which can provide 4 equal currents outputs of up to 350mA per channel to drive high brightness LEDs over an input voltage range of 6V to 53V, while maintaining an output leakage current of less than 1µA. The output current is easily programmed using a single, tiny external resistor. The outputs of the IS31LT3117 can be connected in parallel to allow greater than 350mA output current. The IS31LT3117 also features a PWM input to enable simple dimming control using a digital control signal. The recommended frequency range of the PWM signal is 4kHz ~ 100kHz. The IS31LT3117 provides a unique over temperature protection scheme. A hard shutdown which turns off all LED currents occurs if the die junction temperature exceeds the maximum value of 160°C. However, as the die junction temperature rises up to over 130°C (Typ.), the output current will begin to roll off at a rate of -2.22%/°C (Typ.). If the die temperature continues to rise above the hard shutdown temperature threshold, the LED currents will drop to zero. When temperature returns to 140°C (Typ.) or below, the hard shutdown protection is released and the chip will function again. The IS31LT3117 also has an optional 2.5V reference voltage output which is able to supply up to 10mA (typ.) output current. This voltage may be used to drive the base of the external BJTs for higher current applications in such case, driving for a wide varying input voltage is needed. The IS31LT3117 is offered in eTSSOP-16 package with operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.



IS31LT3117W-TR IS31LT3117-ZLS4 IS31LT3117-ZLS4-TR