狀態 Prod
Vdd(V) 6~45
調光 Fade ON/OFF
通道數 1
文件 Eval Board
IOUT(mA) 20~200
腳位尺寸(mm) eSOP-8
下沉源 Source
IC代碼 3174 = 3174
產品系列 32 = Automotive Analog and Mixed Signal
產品類別 LT = Lighting LED Driver
腳位/封裝 GR = SOP
焊料類型 L = Lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
Temperature Grade A3 = Automotive temp. (-40°C to 125°C)
包裝選項 TR = Tape & Reel
外包裝 Tape on Reel

IS32LT3174-GRLA3-TR 特徵

  • Output current can source up to 200mA
  • On/off control for channel
  • -Input is debounced
  • Programmable current via a single external resistor
  • Programmable fade in, fade out via external resistor
  • - Pull down resistor value sets fade speed - Gamma corrected fade in/out algorithm
  • - LED string shorted to GND - ISET pin short to GND - Over temperature
  • SOP-8-EP package
  • Automotive Grade - AEC-Q100
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C ~ +125°C


The IS32LT3174 is a linear programmable current regulator consisting of one output channel capable of up to 200mA. It features an ON/OFF input pin to toggle the channel between the OFF condition and the source condition. A single external resistor programs the current level for the channel, while a separate, single resistor programs the fade in and fade out rate for channel. The device integrates a 63 steps fade in and fade out algorithm (Gamma correction) which causes the output LED current to gradually ramp up to the full source value after the channel’s control pin is pulsed. The same controller causes the LED current to gradually ramp down to zero if the channel’s input control pin is pulsed while the output channel is on. The LED current output can be controlled by a momentary contact switch or logic level signal. The IS32LT3174 is targeted at the automotive market with end applications to include map and dome lighting as well as exterior accent lighting. For 12V automotive applications the low dropout driver can support 1 to 3 LEDs per channel. It is offered in a small thermally enhanced SOP-8-EP package.