狀態 Prod
Vdd(V) 6~45
調光 Internal PWM
通道數 6
文件 Eval Board
IOUT(mA) 75/CH
腳位尺寸(mm) eTSSOP-16
下沉源 Sink
IC代碼 3181 = 3181
產品系列 32 = Automotive Analog and Mixed Signal
產品類別 LT = Lighting LED Driver
腳位/封裝 Z = TSSOP
焊料類型 L = Lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
Temperature Grade A3 = Automotive temp. (-40°C to 125°C)
包裝選項 TR = Tape & Reel
外包裝 Tape on Reel

IS32LT3181-ZLA3-TR 特徵

  • Operating voltage from 6V to 42VDC
  • - Withstand 50V load dump
  • - Adjustable from 10mA to 75mA per channel - Channel paralleling for higher current - Low dropout voltage of [email protected] - Slew rate control on each output for better EMI performance Integrated PWM dimming engine provides two LED brightness levels without external logic - Tail duty cycle programmable from 1% to 95% - PWM logic level input selects between full brightness and PWM dimming levels
  • Support for optional FET to minimize device power consumption
  • Open Drain FAULTB reporting pin
  • - Programmable FAULTB delay time - Programmable UVLO threshold - LED open circuit detection - STOP pin over current protection - Over temperature protection
  • Device disable upon fault detection
  • - Parallel connection to other devices
  • AEC-Q100 qualification
  • Rear Combinational Lamp (RCL)
  • Center High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL)
  • Daytime running lamp
  • Fog lamps


The IS32LT3181 is a six channel linear current regulator for automotive rear tail light applications such as RCL (Rear Combination Lamps) and CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Lamps). It is fully programmable with two LED brightness levels for the different intensity requirements of “stop” bright (DC mode) and “tail” dim (PWM mode). A logic level at the PWM pin is used to select between the tail and stop output conditions. The stop condition provides the highest intensity output, while the tail condition utilizes an internally generated PWM signal to reduce the intensity of the LEDs’ light output. An active low fault output signal reports a device error condition. The FAULTB pin of several devices can be tied together to disable all the output stages when a fault is detected by any one of the devices. The sink current at the OUTx pins is easily set with a single resistor at the STOP pin. The constant-current sink outputs can be combined in parallel to create higher current-driving capability on a single string. A second resistor at the TAIL pin sets the duty cycle of the internal PWM oscillator for dimming the LED output when operating in the tail condition. An external FET (optional) can be implemented for operation with wide varying supply voltages to minimize device thermal dissipation. The IS32LT3181 is offered in an eTSSOP-16 package.