容量 64M
規格 4Mx16
電壓 1.8V
類型 SDR
刷新 4K
狀態 Contact ISSI
腳位數 BGA(54)
速度Mhz 133
温度等级 blank = Commercial Grade (0C to +70°C)
焊料類型 blank = Sn/Pb
Generation L = L
總線寬度 16 = 16
速度 7 = 143MHz
工作電壓範圍 VS = 1.8V SDR
字數 4M = 4M
產品系列 42 = SDR Commercial/Industrial grade

IS42VS16400L-75BL 特徵

  • Clock frequency: 133 MHz
  • Fully synchronous; all signals referenced to a positive clock edge
  • Internal bank for hiding row access/precharge
  • Single 1.8V power supply
  • LVTTL interface
  • Programmable burst length
    • (1, 2, 4, 8, full page)
  • Programmable burst sequence: Sequential/Interleave
  • Self refresh modes
  • Auto refresh (CBR)
  • 4096 refresh cycles every 64 ms (Com, Ind, A1 grade) or 16ms (A2 grade)
  • Random column address every clock cycle
  • Programmable CAS latency (2, 3 clocks)
  • Burst read/write and burst read/single write operations capability
  • Burst termination by burst stop and precharge command OPTIONS
  • Package: 54-ball TF-BGA (8mm x 8mm)


ISSI's 64Mb Synchronous DRAM is organized as 1,048,576 bits x 16-bit x 4-bank for improved performance. The synchronous DRAMs achieve high-speed data transfer using pipeline architecture. All inputs and outputs signals refer to the rising edge of the clock input.



IS42VS16400L-75BL-TR IS42VS16400L-75BLI-TR IS45VS16400L-75BLA1-TR IS45VS16400L-75BLA2-TR
IS42VS16400L-75BLI IS45VS16400L-75BLA1 IS45VS16400L-75BLA2