容量 256M
規格 8Mx32
電壓 3.3V
類型 SDR
刷新 4K
速度 7 = 143MHz
狀態 Contact ISSI
腳位數 TSOP2(86), BGA(90)
温度等级 blank = Commercial Grade (0C to +70°C)
焊料類型 blank = Sn/Pb
Generation B = B
總線寬度 32 = 32
工作電壓範圍 S = 3.3V SDR
CL(CAS延遲) B = 3
字數 8M = 8M
產品系列 42 = SDR Commercial/Industrial grade
外包裝 Tape on Reel


The ISSI IS42S32800B is a high-speed CMOS configured as a quad 2M x 32 DRAM with a synchronous interface (all signals are registered on the positive edge of the clock signal,CLK). Each of the 2M x 32 bit banks is organized as 4096 rows by 512 columns by 32 bits.Read and write accesses start at a selected locations in a programmed sequence. Accesses begin with the registration of a BankActive command which is then followed by a Read or Write command The ISSI IS42S32800B provides for programmable Read or Write burst lengths of 1,2,4,8,or full page, with a burst termination operation. An auto precharge function may be enable to provide a self-timed row precharge that is initiated at the end of the burst sequence.The refresh functions, either Auto or Self Refresh are easy to use. By having a programmable mode register,the system can choose the most suitable modes to maximize its performance. These devices are well suited for applications requiring high memory bandwidth.



IS42S32800B-7B IS42S32800B-6BLI-TR IS42S32800B-6TLI-TR IS42S32800B-7T-TR
IS42S32800B-6B IS42S32800B-6T IS42S32800B-7BI IS42S32800B-7TI
IS42S32800B-6B-TR IS42S32800B-6T-TR IS42S32800B-7BI-TR IS42S32800B-7TI-TR
IS42S32800B-6BI IS42S32800B-6TI IS42S32800B-7BL IS42S32800B-7TL
IS42S32800B-6BI-TR IS42S32800B-6TI-TR IS42S32800B-7BL-TR IS42S32800B-7TL-TR
IS42S32800B-6BL IS42S32800B-6TL IS42S32800B-7BLI IS42S32800B-7TLI
IS42S32800B-6BL-TR IS42S32800B-6TL-TR IS42S32800B-7BLI-TR IS42S32800B-7TLI-TR
IS42S32800B-6BLI IS42S32800B-6TLI IS42S32800B-7T