容量 36M
規格 2Mx18
電壓 3.3V
VccQ 2.5/3.3V
狀態 Prod
tKQ(ns) 2.6, 3.1, 3.5
腳位數 QFP(100), BGA(165, 119)
速度Mhz 250, 200, 166
評論上一版本 P, IS61NLP204818A

IS61NLP204818B-250TQL 特徵

  • 100 percent bus utilization
  • No wait cycles between Read and Write
  • Single R/W (Read/Write) control pin
  • Clock controlled, registered address, Internal self-timed write cycle Individual Byte Write Control
  • data and control Interleaved or linear burst sequence control us- ing MODE input
  • Three chip enables for simple depth expansion and address pipelining
  • Power Down mode
  • Common data inputs and data outputs
  • CKE pin to enable clock and suspend operation
  • JEDEC 100-pin TQFP, 165-ball PBGA and 119- ball PBGA packages
  • Power supply: NLP: Vdd 3.3V (± 5%), Vddq 3.3V/2.5V (± 5%) NVP: Vdd 2.5V (± 5%), Vddq 2.5V (± 5%) NVVP: Vdd 1.8V (± 5%), Vddq 1.8V (± 5%)
  • JTAG Boundary Scan for PBGA packages


, 100 percent bus utilization , No wait cycles between Read and Write , , , Single R/W (Read/Write) control pin , Clock controlled, registered address,



IS61NLP204818B-250TQL-TR IS61NLP204818B-166TQ-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B3I-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B2L-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B2 IS61NLP204818B-166TQI IS61NLP204818B-200B3L IS61NLP204818B-250B2LI
IS61NLP204818B-166B2-TR IS61NLP204818B-166TQI-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B3L-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B2LI-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B2I IS61NLP204818B-166TQL IS61NLP204818B-200B3LI IS61NLP204818B-250B3
IS61NLP204818B-166B2I-TR IS61NLP204818B-166TQL-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B3LI-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B3-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B2L IS61NLP204818B-166TQLI IS61NLP204818B-200TQ IS61NLP204818B-250B3I
IS61NLP204818B-166B2L-TR IS61NLP204818B-166TQLI-TR IS61NLP204818B-200TQ-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B3I-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B2LI IS61NLP204818B-200B2 IS61NLP204818B-200TQI IS61NLP204818B-250B3L
IS61NLP204818B-166B2LI-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B2-TR IS61NLP204818B-200TQI-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B3L-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B3 IS61NLP204818B-200B2I IS61NLP204818B-200TQL IS61NLP204818B-250B3LI
IS61NLP204818B-166B3-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B2I-TR IS61NLP204818B-200TQL-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B3LI-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B3I IS61NLP204818B-200B2L IS61NLP204818B-200TQLI IS61NLP204818B-250TQ
IS61NLP204818B-166B3I-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B2L-TR IS61NLP204818B-200TQLI-TR IS61NLP204818B-250TQ-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B3L IS61NLP204818B-200B2LI IS61NLP204818B-250B2 IS61NLP204818B-250TQI
IS61NLP204818B-166B3L-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B2LI-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B2-TR IS61NLP204818B-250TQI-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166B3LI IS61NLP204818B-200B3 IS61NLP204818B-250B2I IS61NLP204818B-250TQLI
IS61NLP204818B-166B3LI-TR IS61NLP204818B-200B3-TR IS61NLP204818B-250B2I-TR IS61NLP204818B-250TQLI-TR
IS61NLP204818B-166TQ IS61NLP204818B-200B3I IS61NLP204818B-250B2L